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Read the latest insights from Architecture 2030 as we align the architectural, planning, and building community and political leaders around the urgency to achieve a 50-65% reduction in CO2 emissions from the built environment by 2030 and zero CO2 emissions by 2040.

COP27 Official Side Event Highlights

The offical COP27 Side Event Planning, Design, & Development in the Global South: The How To for People + Planet, presented by Architecture 2030, the International Network of Women Engineers + Scientists, and ASHRAE, took place at COP27 in Sharm el-Sheik this November. Click below to check out highlights and stream the event.
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CarbonPositive: Beyond the Building

Pamela Conrad, an Architecture 2030 senior fellow and principal with CMG Landscape Architecture in San Francisco, explains why architects must focus sustainability efforts on the outdoor realm and exterior build environment.
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Architecture 2030 in the News: The Renewables Gambit & Evolving the Embodied Carbon Landscape

Architecture 2030 in the news: "The Renewables Gambit" & "Evolving the Embodied Carbon Landscape"
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1.5°C COP26 Communiqué

Building Industry Leaders to World Governments:
It’s time to Lead on Climate
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If We Act Together Now, We Can Change the World!

Architecture 2030 is calling on all architects, engineers, planners, and individuals involved in the building sector worldwide to design all new projects, renovations, landscapes, cityscapes, and infrastructure to be zero carbon starting now.
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The Current 1.5°C Budget

According to the IPCC’s sixth assessment report, as of January 1, 2020, the remaining global carbon budget for a good probability (67% chance or better) of avoiding more than 1.5°C warming is 340-400 Gt CO2 (AR6 budget).
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