2030paletteHow we plan and design the built environment from here on out will determine whether climate change is manageable or catastrophic.

Over the next twenty years, an area equal to a staggering 3.5 times the entire built environment of the U.S. will be redesigned, reshaped, and rebuilt.

The 2030 Palette is an innovative internet platform providing a set of guiding principles and actions for creating low-carbon and adaptable built environments worldwide. This free online tool is a powerful catalyst for driving broad implementation of the 2030 Challenge and more — ensuring that our buildings and communities:

  • consume zero fossil fuels
  • complement and preserve ecosystems
  • access site energy resources
  • successfully adapt to climate change

stackventThe 2030 Palette presents sustainable planning, landscape, and building design principles and actions called Swatches. Swatches are global in scope yet local in application, providing location-specific strategies across the built environment at any latitude and in any environment: from interconnected transportation and habitat networks that span entire regions, to elegant passive design solutions to light, heat, or cool individual buildings.

The 2030 Palette informs the planning and design process at the point of inspiration. By curating the best information and practices, and using powerful visuals and straightforward language, highly complex ideas are made intuitive and accessible.

The 2030 Palette is currently being used by architects, planners, designers, developers, builders, policymakers, and educators worldwide. As the Palette continues to evolve through the addition of new content and features, it will power a transformation of the built environment.