INNOVATION 2030: Top Architecture Firms Offer Students Paid Summer Internships

Twenty-eight of the top architecture firms in the U.S and Canada are offering paid summer internships to student winners of COTE Top for Students: INNOVATION 2030, this year’s design and ideas competition. Student winners and faculty will be awarded cash prizes and announced at A’18 – the 2018 AIA Convention in New York City attended by 20,000 to 30,000 architects worldwide. Winning faculty will be awarded $2,000 and invited to participate at the Design Futures Council 2018 Leadership Forum on Education and Talent in New York City.

Most of the firms offering internships are listed in ARCHITECT Magazine’s Architect 50 – the top 50 design firms of 2017 – based on scores measured in three separate categories: business, sustainability, and design.


Registration for the INNOVATION 2030/COTE Top Ten for Students design competition closes December 6th, 2017 with submissions due January 17th, 2018.  

All studio projects designed within 2017 (December 1, 2017 to January 31, 2017) are eligible to submit.


This year’s competition focuses on addressing and designing for the future impacts of climate change.  Designs are encouraged to address the COTE Top Ten 10 sustainable design measures ranging from Community to Water to Wellness, but this year’s competition places special prominence on three key aspects of responsive design:

  • Energy and Emissions: design for zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in building operations and minimize embodied carbon for building materials and construction.
  • Adaptation: research and address projected climate change impacts (increased temperatures, heat island effect, heat waves, sea level rise, drought, flooding, extreme weather, food production, etc.) and population shifts within the project site or context.
  • Resilience: enable continued habitability and rapid recovery after shock events, natural disasters, absence of power, or other projected climatic interruptions.

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To register directly, please visit the ACSA Registration Page.


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