Delving Deeper Into the 2030 Palette

First Release of In-Depth Information Pages: A detailed look at transit, ventilation, heating, and cooling

Transit-Oriented Development Types: Adapted from The Next American Metropolis: Ecology, Community, and The American Dream. Peter Calthorpe.

The 2030 Palette – our free online platform that puts the principles and actions behind low-carbon and resilient built environments at the fingertips of design professionals worldwide – is made up of individual strategies known as ‘Swatches’. Each swatch is a powerful resource, providing principles and actions for sustainable planning and design across the entire spectrum of the built environment. But now, we’re delving deeper.

This week, seven “In-Depth Information Pages” were published in the 2030 Palette, providing a comprehensive and technical understanding of transit development, natural ventilation, and passive heating and cooling strategies. These relate to four Swatches at the District and Building scale:

Transit-Oriented Development:

Direct Gain Glazing:

Solar Shading:

Stack Ventilation:

imageInformation pages contain technical and detailed material, are highly visual, and contain diagrams and photographs that give users a clear and graphic understanding of key design issues, principles, and applications.

We like to say that the 2030 Palette is a living platform, continually growing and evolving as new content and features are developed.

In-Depth Information pages are a key component to this model – we’ll be releasing new pages each month and discussing them on the 2030 Palette blog … so stay tuned.

> There’s more information on the new In-Depth Information pages in our blog post.