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Concrete Industry Group Publishes First-Ever Baselines in Support of the 2030 Challenge for Products

Silver Spring, MD and Santa Fe, NM – 16th October, 2014 – The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) announced today that it has published an industry-average Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) as well as the first comprehensive set of environmental baselines in support of Architecture 2030’s 2030 Challenge for Products. These baselines allow manufacturers and specifiers to demonstrate progress toward the 2030 Challenge for Products’ goals of incremental reductions in carbon emissions from 35% below baseline in 2015 to 50% below baseline in 2030.

Concrete is the world's most widely used construction material. It is used for nearly every construction project: homes, buildings, roadways, bridges, airports and rail systems. As a result, concrete production, mostly from the manufacture of portland cement, produces nearly 5% of the global greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions caused by human activity. NRMCA’s baseline impacts for concrete, representing 2,258 concrete plants throughout North America, marks a significant and unprecedented step in the 2030 Challenge for Products effort. Robert Garbini, President of NRMCA, stated earlier this week:

“It is a testament to our members’ dedication to reducing the environmental impact of making concrete that they came together to develop the industry wide EPD for concrete and establish baselines to benchmark their progress towards meeting the 2030 Challenge for Products.”

Edward Mazria, Founder and CEO of Architecture 2030, said of the development:

“NRMCA and their members have taken a giant step forward by publishing comprehensive concrete emissions baselines. They are setting an example that we hope will be followed by other industry organizations.”

To date, twenty-nine manufacturers, design firms, and industry organizations have adopted the 2030 Challenge for Products. NRMCA was the first industry organization to adopt the Products Challenge, and, in addition to their industry average EPD, members of NRMCA have collectively published product-specific EPDs covering more than 2,000 products.

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About Architecture 2030
Architecture 2030 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research organization with the mission of rapidly transforming the built environment from the major contributor of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to a central part of the solution to the climate and energy crises. Architecture 2030 pursues two primary objectives:

  • the dramatic reduction in global fossil fuel consumption and GHG emissions of the built environment by changing the way cities, communities, infrastructure, and buildings, are planned, designed, and constructed and; 
  • the regional development of an adaptive, resilient built environment that can manage the impacts of climate change, preserve natural resources, and access low-cost, renewable energy resources.

NRMCA, a non-profit organization based in Silver Spring, MD, represents the producers of ready mixed concrete and the companies that provide materials, equipment and support to the industry. It conducts education, training, promotion, research, engineering, safety, environmental, technological, lobbying and regulatory programs.

Download a .pdf of this press release here or view online