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2030 Districts

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Across the United States, 2030 Districts are being formed to meet the energy, water and vehicle emissions targets called for by Architecture 2030 in the 2030 Challenge for Planning.

2030 Districts are unique private/public partnerships bringing property owners and managers together with local governments, businesses, and community stakeholders to provide a business model for urban sustainability.

Through collaboration, leveraged financing, and shared resources, they benchmark, develop and implement creative strategies, best practices and verification methods for measuring progress towards a common goal.

Established first in Seattle, 2030 Districts are at the forefront of regional – and national – grassroots efforts to create strong environmental partnerships, coalitions, and collaboration around ambitious, measurable and achievable goals.

Districts in five large cities - Seattle, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and Denver - comprising over 70 million square feet are currently being transformed, and the number of Districts is set to double in 2014 – this is how vision is becoming reality.

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