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Nation Under Siege

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A Coastal Nation

Beginning with just one meter of sea level rise, our nation would be physically under siege, with calamitous and destabilizing consequences.

The U.S. is a coastal nation with over 12,000 miles of coastline. With 53% of all Americans living in and around coastal cities and towns, it is important to understand the impact of climate-induced sea level rise on our nation. Previous studies have focused on a six-meter rise. The following study takes a more conservative approach, beginning with a sea level rise of just one meter.

Miami Beach, FL

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1m rise
1-meter sea level rise; Population: 87,933
Data Source: LIDAR IHRCS
Maps are based on LIDAR data, USGS 10m NED.
Maps are illustrative; areas in blue depict various potential inundation scenarios.
Map accuracy is dependent on the accuracy of the geospatial data.