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The 2030 Palette

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“How we plan and design the built environment from here on out will determine whether climate change is manageable or catastrophic.” – Edward Mazria

Over the next twenty years, an area equal to a staggering 3.5 times the entire built environment of the U.S. will be redesigned, reshaped, and rebuilt.

The 2030 Palette succinctly puts the principles and actions behind low-carbon and resilient built environments at the fingertips of designers, planners, and builders as we rush to embrace this opportunity for a global transformation.

The architecture, planning and building community has made great strides since Architecture 2030 issued the 2030 Challenge in 2006.

We’re moving in the right direction - the question now is can we move fast enough?

The energy consumption patterns of the built environment are set during the early planning and design stages of a project, so architects, planners and designers need access to the best information to guide their decisions at this stage.

Working from the regional scale down to buildings and building elements, the Palette curates best practices and organizes issues, information, rules and recommendations into a straightforward, interrelated system of elements known as Swatches.

By gathering the best information available, and using powerful visuals and straightforward language, the 2030 Palette makes highly complex ideas intuitive and accessible.

The 2030 Palette fills the gap between what we need to do and how we can make it happen.

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