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14x Stimulus for State and Local Governments

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What if there was a way for states, cities, and counties to leverage each $1 of federal stimulus money spent to generate $14 of private spending, create 14 times the number of jobs, reimburse the federal government $3, and get $1 back to boot? Well, there is a way, the ‘14x Stimulus’ plan.

The plan, which is being proposed by Architecture 2030 and its partners ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, RESNET, and Veterans Green Jobs is a state/local version of Architecture 2030’s One-Year, 4.5-Million-Jobs Investment Plan. The effectiveness of the national plan in creating jobs and private spending has prompted these groups to propose a public/private partnership to strategically focus stimulus dollars that will enable a full-scale building industry revival while simultaneously addressing energy and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.