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Key Initiatives Launch This Week
Collaborative Efforts Accelerate the 2030 Challenge
This week, big announcements are coming from two Architecture 2030 initiatives, the 2030 Challenge for Products and 2030 Challenge for Planning, which, through real-world collaboration with small businesses, industry experts, and local government are furthering our progress towards a major transformation in the Building Sector.
Keep reading (or click on the links) to learn about the 2030 Challenge for Products Information Hub and the official launch of the Seattle 2030 District.

The 2030 Challenge for Products Information Hub Goes Live

Today, September 7th, Architecture 2030, in partnership with BuildingGreen and the Healthy Building Network, launches the 2030 Challenge for Products Information Hub – a comprehensive clearinghouse for information, industry news, tools, and resources for dramatically reducing the embodied carbon of building products and materials.
The Information Hub, hosted by BuildingGreen, is the definitive source for:
  • Facts and in-depth information on the embodied carbon of building products,
  • Industry updates and related articles from Environmental Building News,
  • Conducting initial research on Product Category Rules (PCR), Environmental Product
    Declarations (EDPs), and Life Cycle Analyses (LCAs), and
  • Tools, calculators, databases, and information on relevant standards.
To visit the 2030 Challenge for Products Information Hub, click here.
To learn more, download 2030 Challenge for Products: Critical Points here.
Download an embodied carbon Request for Information (RFI) letter to send product manufacturers here.
For questions about the 2030 Challenge for Products, contact Francesca Desmarais (

Seattle 2030 District Celebrates Launch Tomorrow
After months of planning and collaboration between businesses, property owners, managers, tenants, and numerous professional and community stakeholders, the Seattle 2030 District will officially launch tomorrow, September 8th.
This interdisciplinary public-private collaborative is working to create a groundbreaking high-performance building district in downtown Seattle incorporating the performance targets of the 2030 Challenge for Planning. At the launch, the Founding District Members will represent over 100 buildings and 23 million square feet of building space.
The Seattle 2030 District has already drawn high praise, having been selected by the Obama Administration as one of three Community Partners for the White House’s Better Buildings Challenge, as well as having the Clinton Climate Initiative among its Founding Members.
Visit the official Seattle 2030 District website here.
For questions about the Seattle 2030 District, contact Brian Geller ( or Vincent Martinez (

Edward Mazria explains the
2030 Challenge for Products.

A major movement underway in Seattle to meet the 2030 Challenge targets.
Sign Up Here.
Upcoming talks with Ed Mazria:
Atlanta, GA – September 13
NGA Architects Forum

Santa Fe, NM – September 23
AIA New Mexico Convention


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