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"We need to rededicate ourselves to [the 2030 Challenge] targets in all possible ways.
It is a sea change from past behavior, and it is more compelling now than ever before."

– James P. Cramer and Jane Gaboury
Editors, DesignIntelligence

In this Bulletin:
• Architecture 2030 Ranked at Top
• Transformation Underway
• Over 100 Firms Commit

Architecture 2030 Ranked at Top
Industry Leaders Recognize Architecture 2030 Among Nation's Most Effective Organizations.
Design Intelligence The annual Design Futures Council “2010 Sustainable Design Survey” of 240 design industry leaders in the U.S. was released this month, ranking Architecture 2030 among the top three most effective organizations (USGBC, AIA, and Architecture 2030) advancing green building design and construction in the U.S. today.
The survey also rated Architecture 2030 first among industry leaders in 'leadership and resource deployment' to move sustainability issues forward in the U.S. and identified Edward Mazria, founder and CEO of Architecture 2030, as second among the nation's leading 'role models' for green and sustainable design.

Industry leaders participating in the survey included architects (61%), engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, and planning and urban design professionals.
Such recognition by the architecture, planning, and design community is an indication of the ongoing success of Architecture 2030’s initiatives.
  Leadership Survey

Transformation Underway
The 2030 Challenge is fundamentally changing the U.S. Building Sector.
Adopters Seventy-three percent (73%) of the 30 largest Architecture / Engineering (A/E) firms, responsible for over $100 billion in construction annually, have now adopted and are implementing the 2030 Challenge. According to a recent poll of design industry leaders by the Design Futures Council, approximately forty percent (40%) of all U.S. architecture firms have adopted the Challenge.
The adoption of the 2030 Challenge by large A/E firms has global implications. Since most of these firms are multinational, the shift towards building to the Challenge carries important economic implications, representing a significant, stable global market for high-performance building materials, products, and on-site renewable energy systems.

Over 100 Firms Commit
AIA Over 100 architecture firms are participating in the '2030 Commitment', an initiative by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). These firms are tasked with developing energy models for all firm-designed projects and reporting to the AIA how each project’s predicted performance compares to the Architecture 2030 Challenge targets.
This initiative will result in an invaluable database of real buildings that meet/exceed the Challenge targets. This database will provide firms with a method for documenting what works, and sharing that information with other firms through the Commitment website.
In 2006, the AIA became the first organization to adopt the Architecture 2030 Challenge, followed soon after by the U.S. Conference of Mayors and USGBC, among others. Since then, the AIA has worked vigorously, through its state and local chapters to bring the Challenge to its membership. This dedication is an important example of the architecture profession's commitment to Architecture 2030's mission to transform the U.S. Building Sector.


350 ppm
The CRE Solution
Architecture 2030's solution to the new $1.4 trillion commercial real estate meltdown underway.
Learn more here.
CRE Solution in the news.

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Global Energy Assessment
The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis highlights the 2030 Challenge in their latest report.
Learn more.

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2030 Grassroots
San Francisco's Academy of Art University has formed a 2030 Challenge Group.
Learn more.


If you are organizing a grassroots effort around the 2030 Challenge or the 2010 Imperative, Let Us Know.

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Offshore Drilling: Is it Worth it?
Still Not Worth It.
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Just the Facts
Just the Facts
The latest climate science from
our top scientific organizations:

Natural Catastrophes Increasing Worldwide
Munich RE (July 2010)
Effect of Climate Change on the World's Oceans
Science (June 2010)
ScienceDaily (June 2010)
Click here for more Facts.

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Adopt the 2030 Challenge
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